Rewilding the Night in London

Let’s protect the natural night in London to benefit human wellbeing, repair biodiversity and cut energy waste, and return the majesty of our night skies.


Dark Sky London is a community group on a mission to reduce light pollution in London, protect our city’s nighttime biodiversity and restore our dark skies. We follow the principles set out by the International Dark-Sky Association.

We are working together with communities and councils to implement nighttime conservation efforts and to educate Londoners and our government about the preservation of natural night in our city. We aim to one day see London become the world’s first ‘Dark-Sky Metropolis’.

Our objectives include:

  • Highlight the importance of reducing light pollution to aid in human and wildlife health, and lessen our city’s carbon footprint.
  • Rewild the night in London so that our citizens may once again see the cosmos at night.
  • Promote the adoption of dark-sky friendly lighting and planning policies across our boroughs.
  • Create one or more new certified Urban Night Sky Places to promote nighttime activities like urban stargazing, as well as thriving nocturnal biodiversity.


Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in restoring and preserving the natural night in London.

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APPG For Dark Skies

Dark Sky London supports the aims of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dark Skies, and contributed to its ten-point policy plan for government.

Read the policy plan here.

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