Below are a few useful resources on light pollution, artificial light at night and loss of night. The International Dark-Sky Association also maintains an extensive list of resources.


The argument for switching off lights at night – BBC
Where the night is darkest, the stars shine – The Telegraph
The best outdoor lighting that will minimise light pollution – Sky at Night Magazine
The UK figured out how to design safer streets for women in the 1980s—and abandoned the effort – Quartz
Don’t be scared of the dark – it’s a fundamental human need – The Telegraph
‘Scuse me while I miss the sky – Zaid Osama, Tiffin School – This Is Local London
Light pollution’s wasted energy seen from space – BBC
Reach for the stars: why stargazing is London’s newest obsession – Evening Standard
Light pollution must be controlled for the sake of future generations, MPs claim – Daily Mail
Bye-bye dark sky: is light pollution costing us more than just the night-time? – Natural History Museum
Cityscapes as you’ve never seen them with light pollution removed – Sky News
Dark skies in London? – CPRE
London’s stunning sky at night free of light pollution – ITV News
Light Pollution in the City of London – Ian Visits


Switching off street lights at night does not increase car crashes and crime – London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Shedding Light on the Cost of Light Pollution – JSTOR Daily
UK Star Count 2021: Results and Learnings – CPRE
“How dark is your sky?” Estimating artificial light in Ireland from satellite imagery, 2015-2019 – International Light Emissions
Night Blight: Mapping England’s light pollution and dark skies – CPRE (2016)
Skyglow: Light pollution and the UK’s changing skies – Hillarys (2015)
Warren Footpath Lighting Project – Thames Landscape Strategy, London’s Arcadia draft report (Feb 2009)
Global light pollution map
IDA’s Artificial Light at Night research database


The End of Night – Paul Bogard
Under the Stars – Matt Gaw
Dark Matters: Nature’s Reaction to Light Pollution – Joan Marie Galat
The Art of Urban Astronomy – Abigail Beall
Lights Out – Marsha Diane Arnold
Disenchanted Night: Industrialization of Light in the Nineteenth Century – Wolfgang Schivelbusch

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